Learn how successful B2B SaaS companies compete - and win - in highly saturated categories.

Podcast format like no other. How to Win features B2B companies that are winning - and breaks down how they've done it. Peep adds his own thoughts and third-party soundbites to the story, making each episode a learning session. No fluff. No filler.

Learn about building moats, growing audiences, scaling businesses, and differentiating from the competition.

Hosted by Peep Laja, founder at Wynter, Speero, CXL.

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Start in a Niche

In this episode, Peep dives into why niching down is the key to success for early-stage B2B SaaS companies. He explains how focusing on solving a specific problem for ...

Scientific Laws of Marketing

In this episode, Peep Laja explores the scientific laws of marketing, focusing on building mental and physical availability for brands. Drawing from the works of Profe...

Winning Beyond the Product

This episode explores the critical factors that define market leadership, from being first in a category to leveraging innovation and strategic marketing. Hear from ex...

Differentiation: How To Stand Out

In this new style of "How To Win", Peep Laja discusses the importance of differentiation in today's highly competitive B2B SaaS market. He explores various strategies ...

The Secret Sauce to $80M Bootstrapped - with AppSumo's Noah Kagan

This week on How To Win: Noah Kagan of AppSumo, a platform for digital marketplace deals focusing on software aimed at entrepreneurs and small businesses. They have bo...

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