Learn how successful B2B SaaS companies compete - and win - in highly saturated categories.

Podcast format like no other. How to Win features B2B companies that are winning - and breaks down how they've done it. Peep adds his own thoughts and third-party soundbites to the story, making each episode a learning session. No fluff. No filler.

Learn about building moats, growing audiences, scaling businesses, and differentiating from the competition.

Hosted by Peep Laja, founder at Wynter, Speero, CXL.

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Announcement: Summer Break 2023

With summer around the corner, How to Win will be taking a brief hiatus. During this time, the team will be working behind the scenes to bring you more exciting insigh...

Cross-company collaboration with Pluralsight's Lindsay Bayuk

Summary:This week on How to Win: Lindsay Bayuk, CMO at Pluralsight, an online technology learning platform designed to help teams upskill. Pluralsight was founded in 2...

Cultivating a growth practice with Mural's Lauren Schuman

Summary:This week on How to Win: Lauren Schuman, VP of Product Growth at Mural. Founded in 2011, Mural was valued at $2B after their Series C funding round in 2021. Be...

Laying the foundation for long-term company alignment with Salsify's Rob Gonzalez

Summary:This week on How To Win: Rob Gonzalez, co-founder and CMO of Salsify, a commerce experience management platform that helps its clients win on the 'digital shel...

Fostering a learning mindset in your company culture with Quantive's Casey Carey

Summary:This week on How To Win: Casey Carey, CMO at Quantive and expert in B2B, e-commerce, and growth marketing. From heading up scaled marketing departments at gian...

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