Scientific Laws of Marketing

In this episode, Peep Laja explores the scientific laws of marketing, focusing on building mental and physical availability for brands. Drawing from the works of Professor Byron Sharpe and the Ehrenberg Bass Institute, Laja emphasizes the importance of being top of mind and easily found when potential customers are ready to make a purchase.

The episode features insights from marketing experts who provide real-world examples. Peep also discusses distinctive brand assets, the limitations of hyper-targeting in B2B marketing, and the duplication of purchase law. He concludes by offering practical advice on increasing brand awareness and making target customers remember the brand when they need its product.

00:00 - Intro
02:00 - Mental and physical availability concepts
04:40 - Brand building with Paul Dorsey
05:45 - Buying triggers
07:05 - HockeyStack's content marketing strategy
11:00 - Physical availability in B2B SaaS
12:00 - Distinctive brand assets
18:45 - SurveyMonkey's rebranding story
20:10 - B2B brands lack distinctive assets
21:00 - Meaningless distinctiveness vs. differentiation
22:20 - Identifying customer values with Wynter
23:00 - Reaching all buyers in a category
24:30 - Limitations of hyper-targeting
26:00 - Category reach and lead generation
27:45 - Ad reach and frequency
28:50 - Duplication of purchase law
30:00 - Conclusion

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Peep Laja
Founder @ Wynter, CXL, Speero. B2B strategy. Messaging. Host of How to Win podcast.
Scientific Laws of Marketing
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