Differentiation: How To Stand Out

In this new style of "How To Win", Peep Laja discusses the importance of differentiation in today's highly competitive B2B SaaS market. He explores various strategies for standing out, such as focusing on brand, taking a polarizing stance, being radically transparent, and leveraging personal brands. Laja emphasizes that differentiation is a CEO-level problem and that companies must build their vision around being unique rather than simply copying competitors.

Chapter Markers: 

00:00:00 - Introduction 
00:01:00 - MarTech landscape and sameness 
00:02:30 - Differentiating beyond features 
00:05:00 - Competing to be unique 
00:07:15 - Limited consideration sets 
00:09:00 - Commitment to differentiation 
00:10:15 - Three types of standout brands 
00:13:00 - Eight traits of commodity brands 
00:15:00 - Personal brands for differentiation 
00:17:30 - Strategies from "Differentiate or Die" 
00:20:15 - Jillion down on what works 
00:20:45 - Differentiation as a CEO problem

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Peep Laja
Founder @ Wynter, CXL, Speero. B2B strategy. Messaging. Host of How to Win podcast.
Differentiation: How To Stand Out
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