Winning Beyond the Product

This episode explores the critical factors that define market leadership, from being first in a category to leveraging innovation and strategic marketing. Hear from experts like David Aaker, Mark Ritson, and Byron Sharp on how top brands maintain dominance and why small brands face uphill battles. Discover actionable insights on standing out, staying top of mind, and converting prospects into loyal customers.

[00:00:00] Intro: Winning in B2B SaaS
[00:01:23] David Aaker on Market Stability
[00:03:00] Mark Ritson: Challenges for Small Brands
[00:04:08] Byron Sharp's Law of Double Jeopardy
[00:06:30] The Importance of Mental Availability
[00:09:30] Innovation vs. Excess Share of Voice
[00:12:15] Case Study:'s Marketing Spend
[00:17:08] LG's Failed Market Strategy
[00:19:00] Creating a Unique Market Position
[00:22:00] Staying Top of Mind Strategically
[00:25:39] Creative Low-Cost Marketing Tactics
[00:30:00] Outro: Key Takeaways

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Winning Beyond the Product
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