The Secret Sauce to $80M Bootstrapped - with AppSumo's Noah Kagan

This week on How To Win: Noah Kagan of AppSumo, a platform for digital marketplace deals focusing on software aimed at entrepreneurs and small businesses. They have bootstrapped to over $80 million in revenue. You’ll hear insights on scaling business by focusing on what works, the importance of staying true to your core values, and the strategy behind AppSumo's success. Discover how AppSumo thrived where others didn't and why focusing on the customer always pays off. Find out how AppSumo navigates competition and continues to grow by doubling down on effective strategies​​.

Key Points:

  1. [00:03:36] "How does AppSumo compete with lower prices?"
  2. [00:08:33] "How did strategic choices evolve with growth?"
  3. [00:10:57] "How does focusing on what works help?"
  4. [00:14:42] "Do cheaper products lead to higher sales?"
  5. [00:15:18] "Why focus on solopreneurs despite challenges?"
  6. [00:19:30] "Key to AppSumo's successful marketing strategy?"


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The Secret Sauce to $80M Bootstrapped - with AppSumo's Noah Kagan
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