How Ross Hudgens focused on high quality clients, content and services to grow Siege Media

Ross Hudgens, founder and CEO at SEO-focused content marketing agency, Siege Media. We talk about the importance of choosing high quality clients, the power of developing a personal brand, and the value of adding premium services to your offering. I weigh in on the war for talent, becoming a top name in your industry, and how my view on "hiring for talent, training for skill" has changed.

Key points:
  • Why Ross originally decided to lean into content marketing (2:07)
  • My thoughts on developing a strong brand (3:50)
  • How Siege chooses high quality clients (7:21)
  • How Siege attracts the best people to work for them (8:17)
  • My take on the war for talent (9:14)
  • How Siege's marketing strategy has evolved (15:13)
  • My thoughts on how to become a top name in your industry (16:38)
  • Why people want to follow people, not brands (20:45)
  • How Ross thinks about creating moats (25:00)
  • Why my view on "hiring for talent, training for skill" has changed (29:29)
  • What strategies Siege are doubling down on (30:30)
  • Wrap up (32:35)
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